Motorhome rental in Canada : Cruise Canada reviews

Cruise Canada With its fleet of 4000 vehicles , Cruise Canada is the largest RV rental company in North America .

This company often offers the best prices on the market. .

The PROS of Cruise Canada

  • Cruise Canada often has the best prices on the market.
  • Special offers for early bookings (before January).
  • $0 deductible option in the event of vehicle damage (exclusive to Motorhome Canada).
  • Good availability due to the size of the fleet (except for one-way rentals).
  • Extra driver is free.

The CONS of Cruise Canada

  • Due to a large volume of rental, the service can be limited in peak time.
  • Offers only 4 different models of motorhomes in western Canada and 3 in the east.
  • Few options available at the counter (no GPS or child car seats).
  • Can not rent for a Canadian or American citizen.
  • No airport transfer possible (except with the $435 “AM Pick-up/PM Drop-off” option).
  • Closed on Sundays.