St Felicien

Sandi Armitage Wednesday October 9, 2019

B&B very tired and room was not clean.

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La Maison Banville on October 10, 2019
J’aimerais bien savoir pour réparer les choses qui n’ont pas été à votre attendre
Sandi Armitage on October 10, 2019
Thank you for responding to our concerns. The beer bottles and garbage left at the back doorway did not give a good first impression.
The upholstered armchair in the breakfast area appeared very soiled and the floors in our room were heavy with dust.
The air conditioning unit was loose in the window area - this allowed cold air and dust in but was also a safety issue as the window could not be secured and was on ground level.
La Maison Banville on October 11, 2019
Merci de toute ces petits détails depuis février je m’occupe de tout ramener au niveau mais à la vitesse des touristes et des employés je m’excuse je vais faire plus attention