The North, Eh?


Welcome to Nunavik, the kingdom of three large arctic animals: polar bear, muskox and caribou!

After a plane trip from Montreal to the lodge via Kuujjuaq, you will arrive in an isolated territory far from the presence of Man, ideal for discovering the natural wonders of the Golden Peninsula in Quebec-Labrador.

You will be greeted by the owner and meet with your guide who will accompany you during the exciting adventure that awaits.

Welcome cocktail and presentation of the program for the days to come.

Dinner & overnight at Wedge Hills Lodge.

Early in the morning you will fly to the Bivouac site, located in the Moraine Desert Valley, where you will settle-in for the next 4 nights.

During this floatplane flight of about an hour, you will fly over the beautiful postglacial landscapes of the southern Arctic Cordillera ecozone.

Upon arrival at the camp, you will hop on your all-terrain bicycle (fat bike) and head out on your first excursion.

Accompanied by your guide, you will travel through the Moraine Desert Valley within a circuit of about 10 kilometres through plains, dune fields, dwarf birch oasis’ and immaculate beaches. A higher intensity version of the ride is also available upon request.

This afternoon, you will get onboard a boat and scan the shores of the Siorak River where you will have opportunities to see caribou, wolves, foxes and bears, etc…

Return to the camp to relax while enjoying a beautiful sunset.

Today, a new adventure awaits you: departure in the floatplane on an air safari to discover the Labrador Coast.

First, stop by the sea to admire the steep landscapes of soaring cliffs with barren peaks at the Lost Channel in the Kaumajets Mountains.

Then, get back aboard the floatplane to fly over "Iceberg Alley" - a world-renowned corridor known for its many icebergs.

This is where the iceberg hunt begins. Be watchful, polar bears are also often seen so don't miss this chance to photograph these wild and majestic animals in a spectacular landscape.

Second stop of the day; north of Hebron fjord.

From the shore you can watch many icebergs passing by in an exceptional setting. This is the moment to gather and taste iceberg ice or bring some with you for your end-of-day cocktail!

Your guide will also tell you about a tradition where you must dip your feet in the North Atlantic during your first visit. Ideal to burn this moment in your memory!

At the end of the day, head back to the camp to spend the night.

Today, the program is to discover one of Labrador’s most beautiful and expansive inner fjords, and visit remarkable natural sites.

Not surprisingly, the first stop is made at the Hebron Fjord, at the bottom of which you can admire the highest waterfall in the province.

Your guide then has a trip planned to a river known as the "Ice River".

During your hike on Ice River, you will enjoy glacial landscapes and explore the ice crevasses with aqua, blue and white colours.

On the return flight you will fly over the mysterious Merewether Crater, which from the sky creates an impressive contrast with its turquoise colour and its almost perfect diameter.

Return to the camp for the night.

For your last excursion you will head out to discover one of the great hidden treasures of Labrador: The Secret Garden of Monoliths.

Over the millennia, water and wind have shaped the rock to turn it into real works of art.

You will observe several monoliths, all as unusual as the next. Among the "most famous" you will see rocks in the shape of a penguin, mushroom, troll shoes, bear, etc.

After this full day of discovery, return to the bivouac camp to spend your last night at the Moraine Desert Valley.

Today, you will take a floatplane flight back to Wedge Hills Lodge to enjoy your last day on the Golden Peninsula.

For this last day, you are free to choose your program to suit your likings and discover the natural and enchanting setting surrounding you.

Your hosts will be pleased to offer you a choice of several activities such as a fishing, or a boat tour on the George River.

The George River is world-famous for trout and Atlantic salmon fishing. It would be a shame if you missed it!

You may also join your guide for a boat tour on the famous George River.

During your last morning on the Golden Peninsula; take the time to admire the sunrise.

After breakfast, depart by plane to Kuujjuaq, where you will have time to visit the village and buy souvenirs of the Great North before embarking on another plane towards Montreal.

You will leave the Far North, the kingdom of polar bears, caribou and Arctic wildlife with unforgettable memories!!!

NB: This package is based on a 7-day stay for which the departure is on the 25th of July. Two other departures are also possible with a supplement ($$):
 - July 31: The stay includes 10 days
- August 9: The stay includes 8 days

** Please contact your agent for details/prices of other departures.



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