Insurace with Happy Holidays

Collision deductible = $4,000
(Collision Damage Reducer can be purchased, which reduces the deductible to $600)

All vehicles are automatically covered by a $5 million liability insurance, for claims made against the company.

You are insured for the vehicle in the event of accident, fire, theft and vandalism. Damages to the windshield, tires and the interior of the vehicle are not covered, and are entirely the responsibility of the client.

The insurance coverage is void if it is shown that the vehicle is not driven safely and in compliance with all rental terms and conditions. Damage caused by negligence is not covered.

Client's responsibility
A deductible of up to $4,000 must be paid in the event of damage and/or collision. This amount will be charged to the credit card of the principal driver at pick-up, and will be refunded after the vehicle is returned undamaged. The collision deductible can be reduced from $4,000 to $600 by purchasing the Collision Damage Reducer (CDR).

Security deposit
A pre-authorization of $500 will be processed on the client's credit card. This deposit will be refunded after the vehicle is returned undamaged, clean inside and outside, with all inventory and empty sewage tanks. If the vehicle is damaged, dirty inside or outside, the tanks are not emptied or inventory is missing, the appropriate amount will be deducted.

Important note
Damages caused while driving in restricted areas are not covered by insurance. Restricted areas include Death Valley, Mexico, Nevada (with the exception of Las Vegas) and the following highways: Hwy 6 north of Ross River, Hwy 10 north of Tuchita, Hwy 5 north of Jack Wade and Hwy 4 and Hwy 6 in Alaska.