Motorhome rental in Canada : Canadream reviews


Founded in 1995, Canadream is one of Canada 's leading RV rental companies, coast to coast, with a fleet of 800 vehicles .

Specials on kilometres, bedding and kitchen equipment ensure a reasonable price for a high quality RV. However, these offers are only available with early bookings (before March).

The PROS of Canadream

  • FREE GPS RENTAL (exclusive to Authentik Canada ).
  • The supplier with the greatest number of rental locations across Canada , from Halifax to Whitehorse . Highly practical for one-way rental.
  • High quality, recent vehicle models .
  • Several specials and promotional offers for clients who book early.
  • $0 deductible option in the event of vehicle damage (available only on Authentik Canada 's website).
  • Impeccable service.
  • ROF (Run of Fleet) option provides significant savings for flexible travellers. The exact vehicle is known only at pick-up.
  • Airport transfers are included (with the exception of Montréal).

The CONS of Canadream

  • Vehicle availability in high season is quite limited, especially for last-minute bookings (April or later).
  • The morning pick-up and afternoon drop-off option is somewhat expensive ($425).
  • Closed on Sundays.