Terms and Conditions


The brand "Motorhome Canada", specialist in RV rentals in Canada, is a division of Authentik Canada Aventures inc. Motorhome Canada has the exclusive right to sell the services described on its pages to individuals at the rates shown, via its consultation and booking system.


Booking an RV with Motorhome Canada implies your full acceptance of our Terms and Conditions as listed below.


* All bookings must be made directly with Motorhome Canada

RV rental
A 30% deposit is required to confirm your booking.
Payment is due in full 45 days prior to the vehicle pick-up date.

Secure transaction
Motorhome Canada is a trademark of Authentik Canada Aventures inc. Note that, as the holder of a Canadian travel agent license issued by the Office of Consumer Protection (#702429), all funds paid to Authentik Canada Aventures inc. are collected in trust. We are thus required by law to keep your payments until the end of your trip. This protection helps you to rest assured that you are doing business with a secure and reliable company.

Payment of balance
Your balance may be paid by credit card.



2.1 In the event that Motorhome Canada is required to cancel a service, all amounts already paid by the Guest will be reimbursed in their entirety, without penalty. Expenses incurred outside of costs directly related to the service will not be payable. 

2.2 Should Motorhome Canada have to cancel one or all services, required by major circumstances and / or for reasons related to the safety of customers and / or order from an administrative authority, there will be no refunds.

2.3 In the event that the Guest should cancel all or part of a service, the following penalties will apply:

2.3.1 Motorhome rental 
FREE cancellation up to 72 hours after booking.

* Between 72 hours after booking and 46 days or more before departure: 30% of the total value of the trip
* 15 to 45 days before departure: 50% of the total value of the trip
* Less than 15 days before departure: 100% of the total value of the trip
* One-way rental fee payable at 100%, if applicable, 72 hours after your reservation

2.4 The service’s cancellation period is calculated from the date of reception of written notice at our office. No verbal requests will be considered. In determining the cancellation period, the departure date will not be counted.



3.1 Annual promotions

The following conditions apply for rentals  between April 01st and October 31st :

3.1.1 - These promotional offers may not be combined with any other special offer or Authentik Dollars.

3.1.2 - When the FREE GPS is offered in the choices, it is offered as long as the stocks last.

3.1.3 -  Some offers do not apply to all our renters.



3.1 Before the trip:

At any time before departure, the Guest may upgrade the value of the package, by adding more options or by extending the stay without cancellation. Administration fees of $50 per person will apply. However, Motorhome Canada cannot guarantee any changes made within the forty-five days prior to departure. Any changes that reduce the value of the package will be subject to penalties as described in section 2.2, under the same conditions as for a cancellation, in addition to administration fees of $50 per person.

3.2 During the trip:

Any unused services included in the package will not be reimbursed. At any time, the Guest may upgrade the value of the package, by adding more options or by extending the stay without cancellation. Administration fees of $50 per person will apply.



We strongly recommend that all travellers take out insurance against the risks generally associated with travel, particularly medical expenses, ambulance and hospitalization, repatriation, loss of baggage, civil liability and trip cancellation. Taking out insurance is the responsibility of the travellers themselves and Motorhome Canada cannot be held responsible for the failure of any person to do so, nor for any interpretation unfavourable to the holder of such insurance.



Unless otherwise specified, all prices are expressed in Canadian dollars and include all applicable taxes. Prices are subject to adjustment in the event of an increase or decrease in the price of transportation, taxes and/or other local services. Motorhome Canada guarantees all prices as specified at the time of reception of the deposit.



7.1 Motorhome Canada acts as agent for service providers and other intermediaries required for the organization of the packages offered on our website. The role of Motorhome Canada is limited to forwarding reservations to these service providers. However, as it is not possible for Motorhome Canada to have direct control over these providers, our company will not be held responsible for any non-execution of their obligations by said providers, with the exception of faults or non-execution resulting directly from acts or omissions committed by immediate employees of Motorhome Canada.

7.2 Motorhome Canada cannot be held responsible for any claims, damages and / or costs from personal injury, accidents, death, damage or loss of personal property, delays, missed flight / connection, bad weather, strikes, acts of terrorism, wars or other unforeseeable cause on traveling dates or omission from participant to obtain the required documents (passport, visa ...) for the trip. The transportation of luggage is at the participant's own risk.

7.3 Motorhome Canada will not be held responsible for cancellations required by major circumstances and / or for reasons related to the safety of customers and / or order from an administrative authority.

7.4 A Guest who wishes to file a complaint or claim against Motorhome Canada must do so within fourteen days of their return, by mailing said claim to the Motorhome Canada office.

7.5 In the event of fault, error or omission on the part of Motorhome Canada to offer a service or benefit described on this website, our responsibility will be strictly limited to the financial cost of such service or benefit.



This Agreement is governed by the laws in force in the Province of Quebec. Any action arising under this agreement shall fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of the province of Quebec.