Child's car seats

Siège pour enfantIf you own a child's car seat, bring it with you

First of all, most airlines will let you check a car seat with your luggage, free of charge.

Second, you know how your seat works and how to fasten it securely. For insurance reasons, the agents at your car rental location are not allowed to help you to install a rented car seat.

Finally, with the rental cost around $8 per day, you will save money by briging your own seat.

Canadian regulations

Every child whose sitting height is less than 63 cm and children under 5 years old (6 years old in BC) are required to use a suitable child's car seat.

The car seat must be installed on the rear seat of the vehicle.

In addition, infant seats must be attached facing the rear of the vehicle.

Albertayes5 ans
British Colombiayes6 ans
Manitobayes18 Kg (40 lb)
New Brunswickyes5 ans
Nova Scotiayes18 Kg (40 lb)
Ontarioyes8 ans36 Kg (80 lb)
PEIyes18 Kg (40 lb)
Quebecyes5 ans18 Kg (40 lb)
Saskatchewanyes18 Kg (40 lb)
Age: The law is applicable to children whose age is less than or equal to the indicated age.
Weight: The law is applicable to children (of any age) whose weight is less than the weight indicated.