5, place de la Rencontre, Wendake, (QC) - See map


  • Wi-Fi
  • parking
  • restaurant
  • swimming pool
  • gym
  • laundry facilities


Are you looking for somewhere surrounded by nature, a unique and authentic place to stay during your visit to Quebec?

Hôtel-Musée des Premières Nations is just the place for you. With its architecture influenced by the longhouses built by the Huron people, this 4-star hotel offers an accommodation experience unlike any other.

The hotel is located on the Akiawenrahk River in the heart of the Wendake Reserve, less than a 25-minute drive from Old Quebec. With its mission to teach and popularize Huron Wendat culture, the hotel/museum offers guests an ambiance that is truly unique. The décor is inspired by nature and by the customs and legends of the Huron people, while the gourmet restaurant offers a menu inspired by the culinary traditions of Québec's First Nations.

We suggest you spend at least one night at this hotel. You will go home from your Canadian vacation with the impression of having reconnected with the culture, traditions and way of life of Quebec's First Nations.

Kwe kwe! (Welcome!)


  • Chambre 2 lits55 rooms
  • Contemporary decor with quality materials: stone, leather, wood
  • High-speed Internet
  • Air conditioning
  • Coffee/tea corner
  • Small refrigerator
  • Alarm clock-radio
  • Private bathroom
  • Hair dryer
  • Telephone
  • Television




Foyer interieur



  • Elevator
  • Bar
  • Spa
  • Beverage dispensers on each floor
  • Smoke-free establishment
  • Indoor fireplace
  • Free parking



La Traite restaurant invites you to enjoy a dining experience that perpetuates the millennial tradition of sharing a refined meal celebrating the abundance of nature.

La Traite restaurant is:

- dishes inspired by First Nations gastronomy, skilfully prepared with the fruits of hunting, fishing and gathering;
- an exclusive menu reflecting the passion of Executive Chef Martin Gagné;
- a terrace adding the charms of nature to the pleasures of good food;
- a private lounge, where guests can enjoy their exceptional meal in privacy;
- a warm, cozy atmosphere whose nature-inspired décor helps make every meal a pleasure for all the senses.

* Your stay includes free admission to the Huron-Wendat museum.