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Matapedia Valley, Quebec, CanadaThe Matapédia Valley is a corner of paradise for outdoor activities of all kinds, especially hunting and fishing. The region boasts more than 200 lakes and countless rivers.

Considered one of the best salmon rivers in Quebec, the Matapédia River meanders some 70 km through the valley before flowing into the Restigouche River. Matapédians are also proud to claim the largest body of fresh water in Gaspésie, Matapédia Lake. 

History lovers will appreciate the valley's rich cultural heritage, with its magnificent churches, ancestral homes, historic sites and covered bridges.

The Matapédia region also offers many scenic hiking and biking trails. 

For more information about the Matapédia Valley, visit the Matapédia tourism website.


Trekking in Quebec

  • East
  • Road Trip
  • 15 days
$1301 / adult



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