Val-Jalbert Historic Village


95, rue St-Georges, Chambord, (QC) - See map


Duration: about 1/2 day
Schedule: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (June 15 to Aug 18: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)
Season: May 25 to Oct 7
Departing from: Chambord

Village Famtôme Val-JalbertDiscover a village where time has stood still since the 1920s! Val-Jalbert is a classified historic and heritage site and an open-air museum. Founded in 1901, Val-Jalbert Historic Village is not a reconstruction, but a genuine 1920s company town.

Your visit begins at the Welcome Centre, where a projection presents the birth and rapid decline of Val-Jalbert.

Explore the site on foot or by trolleybus with an audio-video guide, and immerse yourself in another era.

Village Famtôme Val-JalbertThe site offers a unique window into this fascinating period in history. In high season, enjoy numerous theatre sketches depicting the daily lives of typical village characters. You can visit a family home, attend class with the sisters at the convent school, chat with the Mayor, etc.

An immersive multimedia presentation allows you to experience the sound of the mill machines that were the heart and soul of Val-Jalbert. Learn about the difficult conditions of the workers, and the joys and dramas that marked the lives of families living and working in the town.

Chute Ouiatchouan - Lac St-JeanThe highlight of your visit is sure to be the powerful and beautiful Ouiatchouan Falls along the tumultuous Ouiatchouan River. Nobody can fail to be impressed by these majestic falls (whose name means "river of clear waters" in Innu).

The great torrent of water seems to gush out of the forest before plummeting 72m (236') next to the old pulp mill below. Lac Saint-Jean locals like to boast that Ouiatchouan Falls are higher than Niagara Falls!

A cable car transports visitors to the top of Ouiatchouan Falls, offering a panoramic view of Lac Saint-Jean, as immense as an inland sea, whose far shore can be seen on a clear day.


Season Adult 6 to 16 yrs old 0 to 5 yrs old
2019/05/25 to 2019/10/12 $33 $17 $0
2020/05/23 to 2020/10/10 $33 $17 $0


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