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Anonyme mardi 31 juillet 2018

Nous avons passé 3 heures sur le bateau et avons vu des orques, de loin, pendant moins de 5 minutes

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Safari aux orques en bateau le 3 août 2018

Thank you for joining us on a whale watching during your recent stay in Victoria. We have three resident orca pods: J, K, and L who return to the Victoria area during our peak summer months along with transient orcas, and humpback whales. Whales can travel 100km in one day which means they can be easily reached on a morning tour, and a lot of travel required to reach them in the afternoon tour, or vice versa.

We are part of a large spotting network that includes the other whale watching companies, fishermen in the area, and a number of other parties that work together and communicate to give our guests the best experience possible. We are constantly monitoring the area and communicating with the other companies regarding the location, species, and travel direction of the whales. During your tour, our captains were monitoring all resources in search of whales that may have been at a closer distance. All vessels on the water must abide by government regulations for viewing orcas and this distance is 200m for all vessels.

If you are looking for photos from the same day as your tour, naturalists on board our covered vessels post photos on our Flickr page which capture the whale watching adventure, and allow you to share that with friends and family. You can download these complimentary images and hold onto those special moments.

We are sorry to hear that you were unhappy with your tour. We hope that you enjoyed the rest of your stay in this beautiful city and that we will be able to welcome you on board again soon!