Sebastian Neradilek


Sebastian Neradilek

Travel Consultant


Birthplace : Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada

Introduction : Having family in different parts of the world gave me the opportunity to visit beautiful places, exchange cultural knowledge with locals and gave me lots of wonderful memories with my parents. They inspired me for my future trips and to study in Tourism. During the past years, I had the chance to develop my knowledge by working different sectors of the Tourisme Industry such as : Restaurants, Hotels, Adventure and Outdoors, Events and Festivals, Humanitarian Causes and Travel Services. I feel very privileged to promote my country and help you plan a memorable trip to our beautiful country.

What is my favorite destination in Canada ? Gaspésie! Of all the places I have visited in Canada, I always fall back in love with this region because it offers such and incredible panorama. Nature everywhere, tons of adventure activities, Quebec’s tipical menus and the kindest people. My favorite activity : going to Parc National de la Gaspésie and hike the Tour-du-Mont-Albert, once on top you will have a jaw-dropping view between the Appalachian Plateau and the Saint-Lawrence River. N.B. : If you are lucky you might get to see some Canadian wildlife such as Mooses and Elks.

Suggestion for your stay : Be prepared to travel long distances with lots of stops and view points along the way. I would recommend bringing warm and comfortable clothes for the ride and sport clothing for the outdoors.

What is my favorite season in Canada? You have to come here during the fall season. It’s the time of the year where everybody will take time to outside before the winter season. Go out and be impressed by a natural and leaf colored show!

What souvenir should you bring back home? Maple syrup is a must!

Don’t forget to put in your suitcase : Swiss Army Knife, warm clothing and your Maple syrup on the way back.


What would be my dream vacation : New-Zealand in a RV