great car, mediocre services

Anonymous Thursday August 15, 2019

We got a Chevrolet Suburban. The car itself was ok, but the delivery process (pickup etc.) was not.
The car was barely ready when we picked it up, still hot from the last trip, had scratches on different sides that we had to note and picture ourselves - they were not on any delivery report from Avis. And the car had a permanent warning message ('change engine oil soon'). When I brought this message up at the Avis office (after standing in line again for another half an hour), the guy simply replied that it shouldn't be a problem as long as I would not drive too far/many kilometers. Anyway, he could not do anything about it since he had no oil there. If I minded about the message, I could always buy some oil myself and poor it in. As long as I kept the receipt for the oil, I would get the money back.
On top of it all, we later found out (in daylight - in the dark garage of the airport we had not noticed) that the interior of the car was really dirty. Snack wrappers on the floor and inside the dashboard, stains from drinks in the door etc.

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Authentik Canada on August 27, 2019

Good morning,

Thank you for your truthful and transparent comment concerning your car location with Avis. We are dejected to know that it was not up to our standards.

We take any such feedback very seriously and be sure that We will forward your comment to our contact at Avis so they can verify the quality of service offer by the team at this branch.

Once again, we apologize for not supplying you with a satisfying car location. We hope that despite the troubles, you keep some good memories of your time in Canada.