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Satisfying experience

Andreas oei siong Hong Wednesday May 8, 2019

I opted to upgrade the vehicle and it was smooth. We had fun driving to the Rockies, what a view!

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Hidden fees

Nicholas Grigg Monday April 29, 2019

Lots of little hidden fees along the way- and not a lot of people who have any idea of what’s going on. When you go through Authentik you are really going through Avis - and you can tell that there is no communication between the two.

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Good service

David Maheo Tuesday October 16, 2018
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Great quick service, Car was fine.

Garcia Begonia Saturday October 13, 2018

Successful Car Rentals.

Rodney Young Sunday October 7, 2018

Very well organised and efficient car rentals in three locations organised from Australia.
Marie-Chloé emailed a suggestion that we should adjust our pickup times due to our flights. Great service not just blindly processing our requests. Authentik Canada also organised a refund for our last car hire section when we had to return to Australia due to a medical emergency at home.
Thrifty were efficient and helpful at pickup and drop off.
Rod and Helen Young - Australia

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wonderful experience with rental company

Pradeep Kumar Wednesday September 26, 2018

I am happy that Authentik Canada provided me a good deal on the car rental and I am also very happy with the services provided by the rental company. Overall, a very satisfying and memorable experience with car. Will surely like to do business with Authentik again.

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Car rental

Sudha Mathew Sunday September 16, 2018

The rental company was efficient and staff were courteous

Everything was easy and well managed.

Giulia Pancani Monday September 3, 2018

The car was bigger than the one we requested, but it is not the first time for me, renting by Avis. Anyway. in Canada the roads are wide and we found car parking easily everywhere. The service has been good since the first mail, and for the moment we have no regrets. Hope it wouldn't be a surprise later!

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Great experience

Luis Boettger Friday August 31, 2018

Better car than expected. Economic, good space and comfortable. Attendance was Quick and very good as well.

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Happy car tental

Robert Lloyd Wednesday August 29, 2018

Had a great car, reasonable price and all was very efficient through authentik who were very approachable and allayed all fears. Would recommend Thrifty Vancouver and I would use anytime

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Vivienne Byrne Saturday August 25, 2018

My rental was with Thrifty at Vancouver airport where I was given a Volkswagen Jetta. My experience overall from authentik’s agent Marie-Chloe, and thrifty was great. Good communication and unbeatable rates. Thank you!

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Good experience

Aurora Arena Tuesday August 21, 2018

First time i' ve ever rented a car. Nice experience.Thanks

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Super long time to wait for collecting the rental car from Avis.

Ping wing Lam Monday August 13, 2018

Super long time to wait for collecting the rental car from Avis. We queued for 3 hours for collecting the car. In my experience, it is the longest time I wait for collecting rental car so far. Other car rental company just wait for 30 minsutes or less at the same location. We also expecting a US brand JEEP, turnout was a korean Hyundai Santa Fe. They simply said they belong to the same class.

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Good car and outstanding an friendly service!!!

Anonymous Monday July 30, 2018

A half an hour after leaving from Triton, we had flat tire, in a region without any mobile phone service... Luckily we could stop near another pourvoirie where the first person we asked, by pure coincidence, happend to be the central car reservation responsible of Sauvageau itself who was on an weekend fishing trip! He paused his activity immediately, helped to inflate the “slow”, did some phone calls and organised a vehicule exchange in the Alma Sauvageau office for the next day, so we could go on with our trip without any worry! Unfortunatily we forgot to ask his name, but if possible, you may send him once more our thanks!!
Our second car became very dirty, illustrating the active trip we made;-)

Car rental

Jyoti Rao Sunday July 29, 2018

Had a great experience. Good car, no hassles, & the drive was very smooth.

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Fast and easy !

Anonymous Sunday July 29, 2018
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Car Rental for 15 days roadtrip

Julien Gugumus Monday July 2, 2018

We've had a really good experience renting our car by Authentik Canada. We wanted a specific vehicle and we received exactly the car we booked on the website. It was brand new and matched the pictures we saw on the Authentik Canada website!!! The renters before us came back just a few minutes before we took the vehicle over. So during the time they checked and washed the car we had to wait an hour but we were offered a full tank of C$90 for our patience and we appreciated the gift. In a nutshell I highly recommend choosing Authentik Canada for your rental because it was simple, reliable and the service was nice and friendly
Very good experience !!

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That's not a car! Its a truck!

Anthony Zimmermann Friday June 29, 2018

Travelling in comfort, chose a GMC SUV