5 hair-raising adventures in Quebec

Are you dreaming of an Eastern Canada road trip and would like to add a touch of originality?

For those who dare, here are 5 hair-raising adventures you can experience in La Belle Province.

#1. A night with the wolves and bears 

best summer adventures in quebec
Black bear at Parc Oméga

Sleep in the middle of a wildlife park? Why not!

That's what Parc Oméga  in Montebello, between Montreal and Ottawa, has to offer.

Your arrival is scheduled for late afternoon. Several types of accommodation are available for visitors, with exclusive access to boardwalks from which you can view the wolf and bear enclosures

At the time of booking, you can choose to stay in a prospector cabin, a Wi-tent or a cabin on stilts. 

camping with wolves quebec
Wi-tent at Parc Oméga

My personal favourite is without a doubt the Wi-tent because of its unique conical design

What's more, it's equipped with a wood stove to keep you warm all night. 

The following morning, be prepared to be woken up at dawn by the howling of the wolves.  

After a good breakfast, climb aboard your Canada rental car and set out to explore the park

The morning is the best time to visit because the animals come out to feed. 

Photography buffs will be delighted with Parc Oméga's unique concept, with its 15 km trail winding its way through extraordinarily varied landscapes.

#2. Immersion in Aboriginal culture 

quebec aboriginal tourism
Experience the Matakan culture

The Matakan Site  is the ideal place to experience a complete and authentic immersion in Aboriginal culture.

Accessible only by boat from the Native Reserve of Manawan, the site offers an entirely rustic and natural environment

You will sleep two nights in a traditional teepee, on a carpet of fir branches.

Traditional meals are prepared from game, freshly caught fish, vegetables and bannock

visit quebec first nations reserves
Wild caught fishes at the Matakan site

The days unfold in accordance with the moods of Mother Nature.

Several activities are possible: canoeing, rabaska canoe, walks in the forest with interpretation of nature and medicinal plants, net fishing, etc. 

Evenings are spent around the campfire, where you will have the opportunity to chat with the guides, gaze at the stars and listen to traditional music

Both touching and exotic, this experience allows guests to experience a real return to the basics, in the heart of the boreal forest. 


#3. Sleep in the heart of a wild zoo 

Quebec wild zoo
A caribou on the camp site

Get up close to Quebec wildlife with this guided expedition at the St-Félicien Wild Zoo 

Upon your arrival in the morning, a guide offers discovery and interpretation activities

At the end of the day, you are shown to a campsite in a unique environment.

You will be spending the night in a prospector tent, in the heart of moose and caribou habitat. 

quebec ecotourism activities
Experience a close encounter with the caribous

But before getting settled in for the night, a wolf watching outing and an evening around the campfire with toasted marshmallows await. 

The next morning, you go canoeing on Lake Montagnais. Keep an eye out for black bears!

Before leaving the zoo, you have the chance to witness polar bear feeding time and see a beaver lodge

An adventure rich in emotions and filled with rewarding discoveries!


#4. Spend a night on a sailboat 

best cruises and sailing tour in quebec
Voile Mercator sailboat in Baie Éternité

Sailors, the captain of the Voile Mercator welcomes you for a night aboard his sailboat. 

In the afternoon you set sail from the l'Anse-Saint-Jean port, laying in a course for Baie Éternité.

You're welcome to try your hand at steering the boat, under the guidance and watchful eye of your captain.

You sail the waters of Saguenay Fjord  , whose impressive cliffs form grandiose landscapes.

At the end of the day, you drop anchor and watch the sun set as you enjoy a good dinner aboard your sailboat. 

sail saguenay
Saguenay Fjord at Dusk

You sleep comfortably in a closed cabin, rocked by the waves.

The return to dry land is scheduled for the following morning.

Although it is not part of our Top 5 Quebec whale watching activities, with a bit a luck, you may have the chance to observe beluga whales. Be sure to keep an eye out!

Perfect for families and nature lovers, this adventure allows you to discover the history of the region and learn more about the boreal flora and fauna.


#5. Sleep in a submarine 

submarine quebec
The Onondaga on Pointe-au Père maritime historic site

At the Pointe-au Père maritime historic site , become a submariner for a night on board Canada's first publicly accessible submarine.

With a crew of up to 70 men, the Onondaga patrolled the North Atlantic from 1967 to 2000.

When you arrive in the early evening, you have to pass the tests set by the coxswain in order to earn your stripes as a submariner.

After more than 2 hours of activities, you settle into the 90-m behemoth for a night you won't soon forget!

sleep in a submarine
Tour of the Onondaga submarine

Don't expect luxury accommodation, as you are sleeping in a very narrow berth

Whether you sleep in the main bunk room, the petty officers' quarters, the officers' quarters, the medical corridor or the captain's cabin, there's no room for privacy and no soundproofing

Instead, you're invited to share a human adventure, and to live an experience that is unique in Canada

Early in the morning, just after breakfast, you leave the Onondaga with amazing stories to tell. 

As you have the whole day ahead, I strongly suggest a stop at the Bic National Park , one of our Top 5 National Parks to discover in Quebec, just a little over 20 minutes away!



What experience would you like to include in your next Quebec road trip?

Don't hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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