Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee
If you find an offer identical to ours but at a lower price, we will match that lower price AND give you a 5% discount.

How can we be so sure we have the best prices?
Authentik Canada is the first destination travel agency to provide DIRECT service to travellers from the 4 corners of the globe. All other agencies, whether traditional or Internet-based, include at least one middleman between the traveller and the destination travel agent.



The best prices, GUARANTEED
While it's true that you pay less by cutting out unnecessary middlemen, you also make significant savings by paying for your trip in Canadian dollars. In fact, the strength of the Euro compared to the Canadian dollar can save you up to 15%, depending on exchange rate fluctuations.

Design your custom vacation with Canadians
Your trip begins the first time you hear your Canadian travel agent's charming accent. It is reassuring to create your travel plans with someone who is not only an expert on the country you want to visit, but a real "local".



- You booked with Authentik Canada less than 15 days ago

- The competing offer is identical in all respects: dates, brands, availability and terms of service

- You must send us your request within 15 days after booking. Your request must include all necessary supporting documents and prove the availability of the competing offer. You will then be refunded the difference in addition to the 5%.

- This guarantee applies to all our products except motorhome (RV) rental. Visit the "RV RENTAL" section to learn about the best price guarantee for RV rentals.