Road trip specialists

  • Marie-Michèle Ouellet

    Marie-Michèle Ouellet

  • Virginie Alessi
    Advisor of
    the year 2012

    Virginie Alessi

  • Véronique Blanchette

    Véronique Blanchette

  • Emilie Boivin

    Emilie Boivin

  • Marie-Pascale Pelletier
    Advisor of
    the year 2019

    Marie-Pascale Pelletier

  • Naomie Richard

    Naomie Richard

  • Marie-Andrée Gaudreault

    Marie-Andrée Gaudreault

  • Daphné Gagnon

    Daphné Gagnon

  • Tanya Odam

    Tanya Odam

  • Isabelle Chéné

    Isabelle Chéné


  • Mélanie Desgagné

    Mélanie Desgagné

    Assistant Marketing Director
  • Sarah Mazière

    Sarah Mazière

    Content and social media manager
  • Karolane Lessard

    Karolane Lessard

    Content and social media manager


  • Catherine Deschamps

    Catherine Deschamps

    Product Director
  • Michelle Boucher

    Michelle Boucher

    Product Manager - USA
  • Oxiane Coelho

    Oxiane Coelho

    Product Manager - Canada


  • Cam-Thi  Phan-Quang

    Cam-Thi Phan-Quang

    Director of finance Assistant
  • Ganna Myakushko

    Ganna Myakushko

    Accounting Clerk

Web Development

  • Mickael Burguet

    Mickael Burguet

    Senior developer analyst
  • Florian Rog

    Florian Rog

    Web developer / DPO


  • Marylène Fauvelle

    Marylène Fauvelle

    Operations Director
  • Yanick Lussier

    Yanick Lussier

    Finance Director
  • Laurence Gibeau
    Advisor of
    the year 2017

    Laurence Gibeau

    Sales Assistant Director
  • Isabelle Plourde

    Isabelle Plourde

    Purchasing & Quality Director
  • Nicolas Janik

    Nicolas Janik

    Chief Technical Officer
  • Laurence Robitaille

    Laurence Robitaille

    HR & Communications Director
  • Valerie Pin

    Valerie Pin

    Sales Director
  • Caroline Dion
    Advisor of
    the year 2013

    Caroline Dion

    Winter and groups Director
  • Chloé Corneillier
    Advisor of
    the year 2018

    Chloé Corneillier

    Director of operations Assistant

The Founders

  • Simon Lemay

    Simon Lemay

  • Jason Lehoux

    Jason Lehoux