When to visit Canada

Canada is a vast country, and the weather can be quite different in the East and in the West.

Here is a general guide to Canada's tourist seasons to know when is the best time to visit us:



  • Very Favourable
  • Favourable
  • Unfavourable


When to visit during may, june, july, august, september and octobreApril is not the best time for travel in Canada. It is too warm for winter sports (no more snow) and too early in the season for summer activities, as many tourist attractions do not open until later in the year. 

The best type of vacation in April is one that lets you explore some of the big cities, such as our "Wonders of the North" road trip.


Early May to the end of June

Mid-May to late June is a great time to visit Canada! There are not a lot of tourists so prices are reasonable. The summer tourist season has officially begun, although the first two weeks of May are generally quiet (and many attractions are still closed). There are new leaves in the trees; nature is in full bloom.


July and August

July-August is peak tourist season right across Canada, from Halifax to Vancouver, especially from mid-July to mid-August. For the most popular attractions and locations, you may need to book 6 to 9 months in advance to be sure of availability (and for better prices, as it is always more expensive to book at the last minute).

Cities and national parks are teeming with tourists from around the world. And naturally, prices at their highest.

Days can be very hot (see weather stats tables below).


September and October

When to visit during fall?This is what we call Indian summer, when the forests don their brilliant hues of red and gold and nature is in full splendour.

The weather is still very pleasant, especially in September, although evenings can be quite chilly. You might enjoy reading our "What to wear in summer in Canada?" section, which will help you plan what clothing to pack.

There are fewer tourists and prices are generally lower.

In short, it's the ideal time to take a Canadian vacation!



Like April, November is not the best time for travel in Canada. It can be cold and rainy, and there are no more leaves in the trees.

The best type of vacation in November is one that lets you explore some of the big cities, such as our "Wonders of the North" road trip.



The Canadian winter lasts from mid-December to mid-March. It is a great time to enjoy exciting winter activities like snowmobiling and dog sledding.

  • Very Favourable
  • Favourable
  • Unfavourable

Mid-December to early January

The holiday season (December 20 to January 3) is a very busy time of year because of all the Christmas and New Year's festivities. It is best to book at least 6 months in advance.

The weather is pleasant (see weather stats table below) and snow conditions are generally good.



The coldest month of the year. There are fewer tourists, making January the least expensive month for winter travel in Canada.



The temperature starts to rise. Schools generally have their spring break in February. There are a lot of tourists and many families on vacation; prices are therefore higher. Book 6 months in advance if possible.



The weather is almost spring-like with a lot more sunshine. Winter sports can still be enjoyed in early March. After that, there is no guarantee that there will be enough snow.



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