1% For the Planet

Motorhome Canada is a division of Authentik Canada, and we are a proud member of the 1% for the Planet movement.

Un pourcent pour la planèteAuthentik, as well as it's divisions, donates 1% of its sales to certified environmental organizations that contribute to reducing the ecological footprint of travellers.

Motorhome Canada rental prices include a contribution to support the projects of the following organizations:

  • Planetair is a carbon offsetting service that evaluates and quantifies the GHG emissions of individuals, businesses and organizations.
  • Carbone Boréal offsets carbon emissions by planting trees.


La planète ne peut attendreTHE PLANET CAN'T WAIT

The latest IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report is clear: climate change is progressing at an alarming rate. The main cause of global warming is rising greenhouse gas emissions. Most GHG released into the atmosphere are the direct result of human activity, and tourism is no exception.

Every rental sold by Motorhome Canada adds CO2 to the atmosphere. Driving a motorhome and flying to Canada release CO2 into the air. Carbon dioxide (CO2) accounts for 60% of all GHG emissions.

Global warming has a direct impact on weather conditions, biodiversity, sea levels and scarcity of resources. We must act together to limit the impacts of climate change and protect our planet for future generations.


Agissons ensemble pour la planèteWhat do we all have in common?

Motorhome Canada travellers come to Canada to enjoy our great outdoors, our diverse plant and animal life, our lakes and rivers, our snow and glaciers.

Motorhome Canada wants its travellers to be able to continue enjoying them for a long time to come. It is our raison d’être, and we are convinced that by working together, we can protect the natural wealth of our planet for future generations. We are proud of our great outdoors and want to protect it.

By travelling with us, Authentik clients reduce their ecological footprint, contribute to projects that help protect and preserve our natural heritage, and raise awareness of environmental issues among the tourist community.



Protecting the environment in one of Authentik's core values.

In 2019, Authentik committed to donating 1% for the Planet.

In 2018, we began offsetting the carbon emissions produced by our business activities. We purchased carbon credits corresponding to all our CO2 emissions through Planetair.

In 2011, 2018 and 2019, the entire Authentik team put their hands in the ground to plant two Authentik forests, located on land belonging to Auberge le Baluchon and Ferme 5 étoiles.

In planting almost 5,000 trees, we were able to offset our CO2 emissions and raise awareness among our travellers, allowing them to take a moment to reflect on our two Authentik forest planting sites. Our guests can visit the forests they helped create and see their direct contribution to preserving the environment. We are constantly working to reduce our production of waste and our use of single-use plastic. All Authentik events are organized in a sustainable manner.


Authentik certified Carbon Neutral

Authentik Canada- Certification carboneutreIn 2018, Authentik took the necessary steps to obtain its first carbon neutral certification.

With the help of Planetair, we quantified the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to our direct operations and purchased the equivalent amount of carbon credits from Planetair, which will invest the money in Gold Standard certified projects.

Our collaboration with Planetair will be renewed year after year, providing us with a real, verifiable way to be carbon-neutral by investing in projects focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste managements, sustainable forestry and water management.