How to stay protected from mosquitoes while in Canada?

Mosquitoes can be tricky and ruin your canadian road trip, if you're not prepared.

Why are some people mosquito magnets? Why so much hatred from those bugs you haven't done anything to?

How to protect yourself? When to travel so that you do not have to deal with them?

You will find all the answers in this article.

Who are these unloved bloodsuckers?

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Who are these unloved bloodsuckers?

After reproduction, the female mosquito keeps her partner's sperm in a pocket below her abdomen. To mature her eggs, the female needs extra protein. To do this, she goes in search of a blood meal!

Depending on its species, the female will be oriented towards horses, dogs ... or tourists.
Guided by the detection of movements and colors, the winged female is also sensitive to several types of odours ... It is on these criterions that she will choose her prey.

Once in place, she deploys her syringe capable of puncturing the skin to a blood capillary. Before aspiration, a little anticoagulant saliva is injected (it is what is responsible for itching and pimples). The feast can begin!

But how are some people systematically victims of these bites?

The ideal victim

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The ideal victim

Many researches have attempted to identify the reason why some people's skin is particularly appetizing to mosquitoes. But the many chemicals and odours emitted by the skin make it difficult to tell with complete certainty. 

It is estimated that nearly 85% of our own susceptibility to being stung is genetic. But some types of odours are mainly detected up to a distance of 50 meters.

Some people's odours are more attractive to mosquitoes than others'. Mosquitoes, like many living things, react to certain chemicals, such as carbon dioxide, uric acid (sweat), lactic acid and many other substances secreted by the human body. We know in particular that an epidermis whose sweat is rich in fatty acids (such as butyric acid, with ammonia hints) would be more at risk of repeated bites.

It should also be noted that osteogens seem to be very attractive to mosquitoes, which explains why they prefer women to men.

It also seems that certain drugs have an attractive effect on biting arthropods, in particular certain treatments against cholesterol or cardiovascular disorders ... It would be the same for some cosmetic products (decidedly, the ladies are victims of choice! )

Carbon dioxide is also attractive. Adults (and especially pregnant women) produce more of it than children.

In short, to go unnoticed by mosquitoes, it is better to stay lying on a lounge chair than to play football with your friends! Your movements will attract the attention of hungry biters, as will your excessive exhalation of carbon dioxide or the production of acid in your sweat.

9 tips to stay protected from mosquitoes

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Tips to protect yourself from mosquitoes
  1. Mosquitoes are most common in Canada in June. They will remain all summer long, but their number will gradually decrease with the warmer temperatures. They are also more present in lush nature, which means that if you are going to hire an RV in Canada, you want to be prepared!
  2. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water. It is therefore on the banks of waterways that you will find the most.
  3. They are also much more active at sunrise and sunset than during the rest of the day. Avoid walks in the forest during these periods.
  4. Use a mosquito repellent made with DEET or lemon eucalyptus. The WATKINS brand is said to be the most effective and the most appreciated by Canadians.
  5. Note that mosquito repellent creams and sprays have an expiration date. Most of them have a shelf life of one year. We strongly recommend that you purchase a new bottle when you arrive in Canada.
  6. It is advisable to wear long, light-colored clothes. Remember to put this type of clothing in your suitcases, even if you are travelling during the summer months.
  7. When you participate in an outdoor activity in the forest, avoid wearing perfume or any other sweet-smelling product that may attract them more.
  8. Remember to protect your feet and ankles.
  9. Saturate clothes with a special insecticide. Repellents absorbed into fabric fibers evaporate very slowly, providing longer-term protection. This offers advantages in terms of persistence, cost and efficacity.


There! You are now all set!

Mosquitoes can make your life really unpleasant if you are not ready to face them. Follow these few tips and I promise you will be able to fully enjoy our great outdoors.
Do you have any other tips to protect oneself from mosquitoes?

Feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

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