Terms and Conditions


The products and prices listed on these pages are for the sole use of "Authentik Canada", nature vacation specialist. Only "Authentik Canada" agents are authorized to reserve and sell these products.

By booking a vacation with Authentik Canada, you agree to accept all of the terms and conditions set forth below.


* All reservations must be made directly with Authentik Canada.

Car rental
Deposit required to confirm your reservation: 20%
The balance is payable 45 days before picking up your vehicle.

RV rental
Deposit required to confirm your reservation: 20%
The balance is payable 45 days before picking up your vehicle.

Road trips
A minimum of 50% of package accommodation must be booked with Authentik Canada
Deposit required to confirm your reservation: 20%
The balance is payable 45 days before your arrival.

1.1 Procedure for booking

Step 1 - Request a quote for your vacation on our website (by filling out the electronic request form, by email or phone, or using our “call back” service).

Step 2 - One of our Canadian Road Trip Specialists will get back to you within 24 working hours with a detailed quote.

Step 3 - If you are not making any changes to your vacation package or rental, you can confirm your reservation immediately by making a deposit by credit card (payment details will be provided with your quote).

Your deposit payment does not guarantee availability. Your Road Trip Specialist will confirm availability with each service provider and book your services. You will then receive a confirmation number and a provisional invoice.

Step 4 - The balance due must be paid according to the conditions listed above.

Secure transaction
As a Canadian travel agent registered with the Office de la Protection du Consommateur (permit #702429), Authentik Canada is required by law to hold in trust all customer monies received for travel services, to be used only for the purchase of the travel services contracted for by the customer. This means that customers can proceed with confidence when booking their vacation with Authentik Canada.

Payment of balance
The balance due is payable by credit card.

1.2 Group travel
Special conditions may apply for group travel.  The minimum number of people may vary based on customer requests and partners used by Authentik Canada. 
Please contact your Road Trip Specialist for more information.



Should a client have to cancel all or part of a trip, the client will be subject to a cancellation penalty as follows:

2.1 Car rental:
* Cancellation FREE OF CHARGE up to 48 working hours before pick up

2.2 RV rental:
FREE cancellation up to 72 hours after booking.

* Between 72 hours after booking and 61 days or more before departure: 20% of the total value of the rental
* 46 to 60 days before departure : 25% of the total value of the rental
* 15 to 45 days before departure: 50% of the total value of the rental
* Less than 15 days before departure: 100% of the total value of the rental
* One-way rental fee payable at 100%, if applicable, 72 hours after your reservation

2.3 Road trips:
FREE cancellation up to 72 hours after booking.

* Between 72 hours after booking and 61 days or more before departure: 20% of the total value of the trip
* 46 to 60 days before departure : 25% of the total value of the trip
* 15 to 45 days before departure: 50% of the total value of the trip
* Less than 15 days before departure: 100% of the total value of the trip

2.4 Airline tickets:
* 100% non refundable

The cancellation date is established as the day on which we receive a written cancellation notice at our office. No verbal request for cancellation will be considered. When determining the cancellation fee applicable, the actual departure day will not be counted.




The following conditions apply for selected Summer trips (between April 01st and October 31st) and Winter Trips (between December 20th and March 31st) :

3.1.1 This promotional offer may not be combined with any other special offer or Authentik Dollars.

3.1.2 This promotional offer is valid only for pre-booked accommodations (car rental, motorhome rental, transfers or activities are not eligible).

3.1.3 The amount of the promotional offer no longer varies once the trip is booked. 


The following conditions apply for this promotion, which offers you the possibility of having your personalized printed roadbook delivered directly to your home 1 month before your arrival in Canada: 

3.2.1 This promotion is applicable on Road Trip only.

3.2.2  A delay of at least 60 days before your arrival in Canada is necessary to obtain this promotion.

3.2.3  If your home country is outside of North America or Europe, unfortunately this promotion may not apply. If this is the case, the download of the electronic version will be possible.

3.2.4  In the case of a Custom Road Trip including more than 50% of the destination at your own expense, the electronic Roadbook will be suggested.



4.1 You have obtained Authentik Money when traveling with us or through your parents and / or friends, here is how you can use them:

* This money can be used to reduce the cost of your future roadtrip with us,
* This money can be transfered, with help of your roadtrip specialist, for a trip to Authentik USA,
* This money can be combined with our promotions, if applicable, 
* It is not possible to transfert your Authentik Money to another user, 
* You will not be able to cash your Authentik Money, 
* It is not possible to combine Authentik Money from the Loyalty Program with Authentik Dollars. 
* It is not possible to use this Authentik Money on Car rental, RV rental or Camping gear rental. 

4.2 You have received Authentik Dollars on a trip with us or through your parents and / or friends, here's how you can use them:

* These Authentik Dollars are not redeemable.
* These Authentik Dollars can not be combined with any other promotion.
* A maximum of 10% can be applied on the accommodation portion of your road trip only.
* It is not possible to use this money on Car rental, RV rental or Camping gear rental. 
* We must receive your Authentik Dollars at our office prior to payment of your balance.



5.1 Summer vacations, winter vacations and motorhome rental:

At any time before departure, a client may change his/her vacation by adding activities or by extending the length of stay; such changes must increase the value of the vacation. An administrative fee $50 per person could apply. Please note that Authentik Canada cannot guarantee changes if they are requested within 45 days of departure. A client wishing to make changes resulting in a decrease in the total value of the vacation will be subject to a cancellation penalty as listed in section 2.2, in addition to the administrative fee of $50 per person.

5.1.2 After arrival in Canada:

Any unused services are not refundable (see point 2.2). At any time, a client may change his/her vacation by adding activities or by extending the length of stay; such changes must increase the value of the vacation. An administrative fee of $50 per person will apply

5.2 Change fee for airline tickets:

Any changes to an airline ticket reservation are subject to applicable taxes and fees.



No refund will be provided for services that were missed or unused during the trip (e.g. unused kilometres on a motorhome or car rental, unused days of car rental, meals that were not eaten, unused accommodation, activities that were missed due to late arrival of client).



Clients are strongly advised to take out personal travel insurance covering medical costs and hospitalisation, repatriation costs, loss of luggage, civil liability and trip cancellation. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure adequate insurance coverage. Authentik Canada cannot be held responsible for a client's lack of insurance or for any refused insurance claim.  Discover the travel insurance offered by Authentik Canada.



Unless otherwise indicated, all mentioned prices include all applicable taxes. Prices may be adjusted to reflect changes in transportation costs, accommodation prices, taxes or other local charges. Authentik Canada guarantees all prices as indicated at the time of payment of the deposit, with the exception of displayed prices which are payable locally, over which Authentik as no control.  



Authentik Canada reserves the right, if necessary, to change accommodations (hotels, inns, lodges, cottages, camping, etc.) with accommodations of the same quality (similar). In the event that no similar accommodations are available, Authentik Canada will suggest to the guest a superior accommodation (with additional charges applicable), a lower quality accommodation (with an applicable discount) or a refund of the initial service. In this last alternative, the guest will have to book his own accommodation.



All of the tours and excursions offered in the various vacation packages were available at the time of creating this website. Should changes arise before the date of departure (such as the opening dates and times of museums, theme parks or conservation areas), any planned activity could be rescheduled, or cancelled and replaced with a comparable activity of equal value. Any such changes must be agreed to by the client and his/her Road Trip Specialist.

Should a service provider be obliged to cancel an activity due to inclement weather or any other reason, the client will be reimbursed for this activity.

Authentik Canada reserves the right to modify any itinerary or program, if it is deemed necessary or advantageous to the interest or welfare of its clients.



It is our responsibility to provide the client with an airline ticket to the destination listed in the travel package. Authentik Canada is in no way liable for providing air transport. Air transport is the sole responsibility of the air carrier. You must carefully read the instructions provided by the air carrier and verify your flight schedule with the air carrier 24 hours prior to your departure and return date.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Airport taxes included in our packages are subject to change without notice in accordance with the terms and conditions of the air carrier. Authentik Canada may bill the client for the amount of any increase in airport taxes.

11.1 Passengers: The first and last names provided at the time of booking must be the same as they appear on the travel documents to be used; any changes made are subject to the charges described in these terms and conditions.

11.2 Baggage: Air carriers have individual rules with respect to carry-on and checked baggage, which are subject to change without notice. Travel agencies must inform their clients of these rules and provide them with a list of articles and substances that are not permitted on board the aircraft. These include explosives, fireworks, munitions, compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids (such as fire lighters, matches, etc.), oxidizing materials, corrosives (mercury, batteries, etc.), poisons or infectious substances, radioactive materials. Travel agencies must also inform their clients of the rules regarding the transport of liquids; given the severe restrictions, we recommend not transporting any liquids in your carry-on luggage (including liquids, gels, pastes, lotions and aerosols). It is not recommended to place fragile or valuable items, medications or medical devices, etc., in your checked luggage. Agencies must also indicate the maximum baggage allowance for each air carrier. Any excess baggage charges are the sole responsibility of the client. Air Transat recommends a maximum of 15 kg per person (baggage limit on AIR TRANSAT flights per passenger (not applicable to lap-held infants): 23 kg in Economy class and 40 kg in Club class). In the event of delayed, damaged or lost luggage, the client must complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) with the air carrier concerned upon arrival. The PIR must be submitted to the insurance company (if the client has baggage insurance) or Air Transat (if it is an Air Transat flight), along with following documents: a copy of the airline ticket, the baggage registration receipt and an estimate of replacement or repair costs provided by a baggage repair shop recommended by Transat Holidays.

11.3 Flight schedules: Passengers are entirely responsible for verifying their flight schedule with the air carrier during the 24-hour period immediately prior to the departure and the return date. (AIR TRANSAT France: 01 49 88 18 98 / Canada: 1-877-872-6728 / website: www.airtransat.fr).

11.4 Change of aircraft: Should it be necessary to change the aircraft type operating the flight, Transat Holidays may be unable to provide seats in classes above Economy class, even for confirmed seats. In this event, Authentik Canada’s liability is limited to refunding the difference between the fare paid and Economy fare (on AIR TRANSAT flights, this is the difference in fare between classes J and Y).

11.5 Extra seats and/or flight: Our package prices are calculated based on the prices provided by air carriers according to a specific booking class, departure date and itinerary. If the booking class is full, we will be able to offer extra seats on the same flight or a different flight. Fares, taxes and itineraries may vary and may require a surcharge that will be communicated to the client at the time of booking.

11.6 Terms and conditions of air transportation: Flight schedules and itineraries and aircraft types described on this website are provided solely as an indication and are subject to change in order to group passengers on the same flight or for logistical or other reasons. Advance notice of least 2 days will be provided for any changes, which will not advance or delay the flight departure time by more than 48 hours. In addition, heavy air traffic may cause events beyond our control including but not limited to strikes; cancellation of services; weather conditions; lengthy formalities and/or customs procedures; measures related to passenger safety; technical, mechanical or other incidents; delays and/or change of airport (e.g. Orly/Roissy, LaGuardia/Newark, etc.). In accordance with international conventions, flight connections are not guaranteed and are not part of the transportation contract, even in the case of connecting flights booked on the same ticket. We strongly encourage clients not to make any plans for the 48 hours prior to and following the scheduled times of the outbound and return flights, and to ensure sufficient connection times for outbound and return travel. Authentik Canada shall not be liable for any expenses incurred as a result of changes as mentioned above if such changes are due to force majeure, client error or the actions of a third party unconnected with the services purchased. Special requests: special requests must be made at the time of booking (special meal, bassinet, seat selection, wheelchair, etc) and will be submitted to the air carrier. However, Authentik Canada cannot guarantee that the air carrier will accept the request. 

11.7 Compulsory transport taxes: Set by governments, these taxes include passenger user fees and airport taxes and are subject to change without notice. Such taxes are payable by all airline passengers and are included in the fare. In the event of cancellation after issue of a ticket for a regular flight, the taxes will not be refunded until reception of the ticket.

11.8 Tickets: Tickets are strictly personal, non-transferable and valid only on the dates indicated. Tickets are non-refundable if not used on the ticketed date of travel (outbound and/or return).

11.9 Reissue charges: Any request to reissue tickets is subject to a penalty.

11.10 Cancellation insurance: It is the passenger’s responsibility to obtain flight cancellation insurance.

11.11 Administration fee: All prices include a $40 administrative and ticket issue fee per passenger.



Authentik Canada offers winter vacations and snowmobiling tours from December 20 to March 20 every year. During this period there is generally enough snow for practicing winter sports in Canada. Obviously, Authentik Canada cannot guarantee the weather conditions, which are beyond our control. Should it happen that there is insufficient snow for the activities booked by the client, the client will be refunded the price of the activity or offered a similar activity (for example, an ATV tour instead of snowmobiling) where possible.



By reserving a vehicle and/or a trip with Authentik Canada, the guest accepts that Authentik Canada transmits personal information to the service providers present in the guest's current reservation. The e-mail address, telephone number, first and last names as well as date of birth of guests may be shared with service providers in order to help them finalize reservations. In addition, Authentik Canada commits to respecting its Terms of Use policy. 



14.1 Authentik Canada acts as an agent for transport companies, service providers, hotels and other contractors required for the organization of the vacations listed on our website. Authentik Canada's role is limited to making reservations with these service providers. Having no direct control over these organizations, Authentik Canada cannot be held liable for the failure of such an organization to provide the service described, with the exception of errors or failures resulting directly from acts or omissions of direct employees of Authentik Canada.

14.2 Authentik Canada cannot be held responsible for any claims, damages and / or costs from personal injury, accidents, death, damage or loss of personal property, delays, missed flight / connection, bad weather, strikes, acts of terrorism, wars or other unforeseeable cause on traveling dates or omission from participant to obtain the required documents (passport, visa ...) for the trip. The transportation of luggage is at the participant's own risk.

14.3 Authentik Canada will not be held responsible for cancellations required by major circumstances and / or for reasons related to the safety of customers and / or order from an administrative authority.

14.4 The client agrees to comply with all reasonable requests pertaining to the vacation package. Should a client exhibit behaviour detrimental to the group or to a service provider, and should he/she persist in this behaviour after an official warning from the travel agent, representative or guide, the client will be ordered to leave the group, without recourse to any refund. The client will be entirely responsible for any penalties resulting from his/her actions, including all extra expenses incurred for accommodation, meals and return transport.

14.5 Any complaints must be sent in writing directly to Authentik Canada, within 14 days of the end of the trip.

14.6 In the case of fault, error or omission on the part of Authentik Canada resulting in failure to provide a service or benefit described in this website, our responsibility is strictly limited to the value of the service or benefit in question. 



The present document shall be governed by and interpreted according to the laws applicable in the province of Quebec. Any dispute must be presented before the court of the Province of Quebec.