Disappointing experience

Carles Roma molad Friday August 16, 2019

We had a bad experience car rental with thrifty. When we picked the car up we were charged with $81,73 for a premium Location Charge. We also were offered with a prepaid fuel tank, that we accepted because the thrifty staff told us that the price that they were offering to us was cheaper than the one we would obtain in the returning area (Halifax). Our surprise was that the price they applied was $1,33 ltr when the price in Halifax was around $1,14 ltr so we felt cheated by the staff.
Also when we dropped the car off we were accused to made a small scratch when that scratch already was on the car when we picked it up in Vancouver. We didn't take any picture because we thought it was so small that it wasn't important.

Overall we had a disappointing experience.

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Authentik Canada on August 26, 2019
Hi Carles,

Thanks for your feedback which – unfortunately! – is not what we expect to receive from our guests.

As written on our voucher it is very important in doubt, not to accept/sign any upsale before to call us. As you did signed for those upsales, we are now in no position to help you to contest any fees.

In the meantime please accept our apology for not meeting expectation in regards to service.

Best regards,