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Anonymous Saturday August 17, 2019

We've rented a car for 2 weeks to travel from Calgary to Vancouver. The price was very competitive and the service provided by Authentik Canada was good.
We've upgraded the car on retrieval and ended up paying a little extra. Which was ok as we initiated this ourselves. However what appeared to be NOT included in the price set by Authentik Canada was the additional drop off fee as we were dropping the vehicle off in another location (Province).
We were overall happy with Authentik Canada and we'd recommend the service.

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Authentik Canada on August 19, 2019
Good day !

Thank you for your comments.

We would like to be able to include the drop off fees in our price so that our clients wouldn’t have to pay them upon drop off. However, the renters do not wish to include this in our contract as they want all of their clients to pay the drop off fees at the counter. Since we cannot include those fees, we have created a clear chart explaining those fees depending on the one-way destinations.

Have a safe trip back home!