Authentik great, Thrifty poor vehicle

Miguel Conde Monday August 19, 2019

We rented a car through Authentik Canada. Their rates were the best we found on internet. The service level was excellent: fast, efficient and they even modified our reservation to change the main driver right away, no questions asked!

We rented at Thrifty a Toyota Corolla, 62 thousand kilometers. Not an old car, but this mileage level is not usual on rental cars. The main issue was the poor braking capacity, the ABS of this unit didn't work and we had a couple of emergency break situations (animals crossing the road) where we almost had an accident because of that.

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Authentik Canada on August 21, 2019
Good day Miguel !

Thank you for your positive feedback! To know that you are completely satisfied gives us energy to continue our good work!

Regarding the issue with the car, a follow up will be made with our partner to ensure that this situation does not happen again.