Frist surprise, after satisfaction

Eusebi Aubareda Monday August 26, 2019

First when we arrived to office we went comunicated that the price was USD300 plus taxe more due to we droop the vehicle in other place. Well dont undestand this because in our order I was very clear Pick up in Toronto and droop in Montreal. but we were in vacation and we need the car. After this we are informed that they no have the same model car and we recive other more smaller but the cost for droop is reduced to USD100 plus tax. we decide acepted because we were in vacation.
The car was ok and no had more problems and droop it was very fast and easy.
I don't understand the first situation because the diference of two types of car exist and I don't undestand the cost of droop on car in other airport with same company and inside and a city like Montreal.
In spain you can pickup one car at Barcelona and droop at Madrid whitout extra cost and if the compny no have the car offered they supply other one of more high category whiout extra cost. and the the companny is the same Thrifty or Hertz.


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Authentik Canada on August 27, 2019
Good day,

We are sorry to read your dissatisfaction. However, the fees you had to pay for were intended and were associated to drop-off fees. These fees are specified in our documents, on our website, as well as on the voucher your travel agent sent you. Here is a sentence from your rental confirmation that was also highlighted in yellow.

We would like to remind you that, as mentioned in your booking quote, some one-way rentals are subject to a drop-off fee to be paid at the rental office. We invite you to consult the list of drop-off fees: Drop-Off Fees Thrifty

We are happy that Thrifty did a special on the fees regarding the fact they propose a smaller car. Good to know that this solution was a good one for you.

Best regards,