General information about Canada

General information about CanadaSURFACE AREA
- Total: 10,000,000 km2
- Water (%): 8.62%
- Rank: 2nd largest


- Total: 37,000,000
- Density: 3.7 inhab. / km2
- Rank: 36th


- GDP: 1,763 billion USD
- GDP per capita: 46,378 USD


General information

Capital: Ottawa (Ontario)

Official languages: English and French

Currency: Canadian dollar ($)

Head of government: Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister)

Political institutions: Parliamentary democracy, constitutional monarchy (Canada is a member of the British Commonwealth). Federal state, made up of 10 provinces and 3 territories. The Sovereign is Queen Elizabeth II, represented by the Governor General of Canada. Executive powers are exercised by the Prime Minister.

Ethnicity: 28% English descent, 23% French descent, 3% German descent, 2% First Nations, as well as significant communities of Italian, Ukrainian, Dutch, Greek, Polish and Chinese origin.

Principal activities: Agriculture, mining, metalworking, natural gas, petrol, hydroelectricity, forestry and automotive industry

Main economic partners: USA, European Union (UK and Germany) and Asia (Japan and South Korea)