Avis - Basic Insurance

Deductible amountSecurity depositThird party liability coverageCovered by LDW
$0$500 to $1000 $1 millionCollision, theft, third party liability


You are liable for :

  • All damages resulting from negligence on your part (impaired driving, traffic violation, use of incorrect fuel, etc.).
  • The cost of all repairs for glass damage or puncture.
  • Damages caused by a road hazard (caused by an obstacle in or on the surface of the road such as an animal, rocks, a pothole, etc.).


In the event of an accident, you must :

  • Provide the rental company with a police report following an accident occurring during your rental period. This document will help to determine who is at fault in the accident.
  • Should you require assistance or towing, you must contact the rental company directly.


Credit card deposit :

  • A security deposit of $500 to $1000 will be authorized (blocked) on the credit card of the principal driver when the vehicle is picked up.
  • Only a credit card in the name of the principal driver will be accepted. Debit cards, prepaid credit cards, cheques and cash will be refused.
  • The pre-authorized deposit amount will be released after the vehicle is returned.