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Duration : 4 hours
Schedule : 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Season : May 30 to Oct. 15
Location : Wendake Huron Reserve

You are invited to visit the traditional Huron site “ONHOÜA CHETEK8E”, the most authentic reconstruction of a Quebec Aboriginal village.

This site offers visitors a unique opportunity to discover the history, culture and lifestyle of the Huron people of the past and of today. 

Visitors are greeted all year round by a guide dressed in traditional Huron costume.


  • Tour of the Long House, traditional dwelling of the Hurons. Presentation of the Huron way of life. 
  • Tour of the smokehouse and drying tent. Comments on methods of food preservation.
  • Sweat lodge. Presentation of the purification techniques used by the Huron ancestors. Visitors are invited to be purified by the shaman.
  • Stop at the giant teepee. Presentation of the ways of life of different Quebec Nations.
  • Presentation of traditional Huron means of transportation and the making of canoes and snowshoes. Visitors are invited to sit in one of the great canoes to listen to the guide's presentation.
  • Historical review of the trading that took place between the French and the Huron in 1750.
  • Meeting with the Clan Mother who performs traditional chores.
  • Presentation on the present life of the Huron in the village of Wendake.
  • Medicine wheel making workshop
  • Typical 3-course Huron meal.


Season Adult 0 to 10 yrs old
2022/05/30 to 2022/10/15 $52 $35
2023/05/29 to 2023/10/14 $54 $37

* Price includes a guided tour of a traditional Huron site, a typical lunch and a medicine wheel making workshop, and applicable taxes.
* After October 15, upon request to your Authentik Canada agent, it is possible to visit the Huron site, but without meals or activities.


575, rue Chef Stanislas Kosca, Wendake, (QC)

Travel reviews

Travel reviews

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Laura Dyson Monday August 12, 2019

Skip the meal. It isn't much. Most of the guides seem to be high school or college aged folks.

very very good

Gilles Salvaterra Friday September 23, 2022

(Translated by Google) Excellent guide. Good meal and good tour program

Nice discovery

Françoise Minon Sunday September 4, 2022

(Translated by Google) Enriching encounter with a Wandat guide, a First Nations tribe
very good meal

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