5 fall activities to enjoy the Indian summer

Fall is just around the corner, which means that the apogee of fall foliage is upon us. If you are thinking of an Indian summer road trip, many activities await you!

Here are 5 activities to fully enjoy our flamboyant Indian Summer.

#1. Hiking

Hiking is undoubtedly one of the best ways to experience our great outdoors and be granted access to spectacular panoramas.

Certain regions of Quebec, which are mainly made up of forests of deciduous trees, are particularly impressive in the fall.

:fleche: emoji Mont-Orford National Park

Less than 2 hours from Montreal, Mont-Orford National Park is the perfect colourful place, thanks to its many sugar maple trees.

It is located in the heart of the Eastern Townships wine region, renowned for its gastronomic experiences, picturesque villages and magnificent country settings.

The wining-and-hiking combination is sure to be a winner on a cool autumn day.

:footprints: emoji Mont-Chauve

This trail will take you to the summit of Mont Chauve, at an altitude of over 600 m. You will enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Stukely and Mount Orford.

  • Localisation : Mont-Orford National Park
  • Length : 10,6 km 
  • Duration : 4 hours
  • Elevation : 310 m
  • Difficulty : intermediate
  • Departure point : Le Bonnallie service center

:fleche: emoji Mount Royal Park

If you are only passing through the big city of Montreal, rest assured: it is possible to admire the warm fall colours even in the city.

Overlooking the city, the iconic Mount Royal is the peace haven of choice for Montrealers.

:footprints: emoji Kondiaronk lookout

The Kondiaronk belvedere offers one of the most beautiful views of downtown skyscrapers and the majestic St. Lawrence River.

Although it is accessible by public transport or by car, the most pleasant way to get there is definitely by taking the Olmsted walking path.

  • Localisation : Mount Royal Park
  • Length : 6,5 km 
  • Duration : 2 to 3 hours
  • Elevation : 145 m
  • Difficulty : easy
  • Departure point : at the corner of Parc Avenue and Rachel Street

:fleche: emoji Mauricie National Park

The Mauricie National Park is a vast territory of lakes and forests, located in the Laurentians region. It plays host to a huge bouquet of colourful trees during the month of October.

This is where you can tackle one of the most beautiful hikes in Quebec: Waber Falls.

Above all, do not leave the park without going to the Passage belvedere, easily accessible by car from the Promenade route.

:footprints: emoji Waber Falls

This full-day excursion, which combines canoeing and hiking, will take you to the beautiful Waber Falls.

You will first need to paddle 4 km, then hike a little less than 4 km in the forest.

Once at your destination, you will find yourself in front of one of the 7 wonders of Quebec.

  • Localisation : La Mauricie National Park
  • Length: 9,2 km in canoe, 6,9 km hike (round trip)
  • Duration : 6 to 8 hours
  • Elevation : 310 m
  • Difficulty : intermediate 
  • Departure point: Wapizagonke picnic area

#2. Canoe

Quebec is a wonderful destination to learn how to canoe.

Everywhere, thousands of lakes and rivers will lead you to flamboyant panoramas, which you will discover one stroke of paddle at a time.

Among the most beautiful places, the Jacques-Cartier National Park is certainly in the top spots.

The Jacques-Cartier River, navigable on more than 26 km, winds through one of the most beautiful glacial valleys of La Belle Province. It’s a must!

Mont-Tremblant National Park, with its 6 large rivers and 400 lakes and streams, is also at the top of the list.

In autumn, these rivers, bordered by a dense deciduous forest, wonderfully reflect the colourful trees.

Remember to take deep breaths and let yourself be lulled by the scent of the leaves.


#3. Via Ferrata

The via ferrata is a happy mix between hiking and climbing.

Equipped with a harness and your best hiking boots, this hike on a rock wall will lead you to impressive panoramas, otherwise inaccessible.

Thrill seekers will certainly appreciate this off-the-beaten-path activity.

In total, 13 destinations offer superb routes. With so many possibilities, it is hardly possible that you will not come across one during your road trip in Eastern Canada.

Moreover, if the majestic Montmorency Falls have had you dreaming of a visit for a long time, it is an excellent way to discover it in an original way.

Plus, it is only a few minutes away from Quebec City!

Your photos will definitely stand out from those of other travellers.

Please note, some physical form is required to fully enjoy the experience, but you absolutely don't have to be an athlete to have fun and have a blast.


#4. Helicopter or seaplane flight

If you are looking for a hair-raising activity in Quebec, admiring from the air the mosaics of colours that our forests present in the fall is undoubtedly one of the best activities to indulge in during an Indian Summer road trip.

Whether aboard a helicopter or a seaplane, you will have a breathtaking views of the vastness of the great outdoors of Quebec.

For the experience of a helicopter ride, go to the Mont-Tremblant region where you will fly over the Rivière de la Diable, the pedestrian village of Tremblant, as well as superb lakes.

The Charlevoix region also offers magnificent panoramas. Located in the heart of the Laurentian Plateau, it will amaze you with its immense peaks!

If you prefer to take a seaplane flight, Mauricie is the perfect place to take your breath away.

From Lac-à-la-Tortue, you will soar above the boreal forest for miles and miles.

Keep your eyes peeled, you are in store for a ton of lasting memories.


#5. Wildlife observation

With such generous nature, it is not surprising that we find such a large and beautiful variety of animals in Quebec forests.

Fall is a great time to practice wildlife viewing, especially if you want to see moose.

Indeed, the largest cervid in the world is very active during the fall season, since it is breeding season.

Thus, you can take part in an observation safari in the Montmorency forest (near Quebec City) or even go hiking on the Mont Ernest-Laforce trail in Gaspésie, known for such sightings.

Whales are also still active during the months of September and October.

Remember to dress well if you choose a zodiac safari; the temperature is generally cool at this time of year.

Finally, the Zoo sauvage de Saint-Félicien is home to more than 1000 animals of 80 different borealis species.

If you want to see a large number of local animals, this is the place.


And there you go! You are now ready to make the best out of the Indian summer.

If you have any questions and / or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

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