GPS rental

Set your mind at ease by adding the GPS option to your package.

- 5'' (12.7 cm) touch screen
- Includes car charger cable and suction mount
- Voice guidance
- Tourist attractions
- Very easy to use


- $12 / day  

- Max $120 / location


Location de GPS* A rental contract must be signed when you reserve your GPS and a $350 deposit is required by credit card at the time of rental.

* At the end of the rental period, you must mail the GPS back to us in the stamped padded envelope that is included with your travel kit. The prepaid postage covers the exact weight of the GPS unit and accessories, for delivery from your final destination to our offices at 352 rue Emery, Montréal, Québec, H2X 1J1.

It is your responsibility to place the package into a red Canada Post mailbox, found all across Canada. Every Canadian airport has several Canada Post mailboxes, either inside or outside the airport terminal. Ask at the information desk if you are unable to find one.

* Your GPS must be returned to our office within 2 working days from Eastern Canada (Toronto, Quebec, Montreal etc.) or 3 working days from Western Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton etc.). The time is calculated from the rental end date. If we do not receive your GPS within this time, a late fee of $12 per day will be charged to your credit card, up to a maximum of $350. It is your responsibility to place the package into a red Canada Post mailbox or take it to a Canada Post outlet on the last day of your GPS rental.

* The number of GPS units available for rent is limited.