Accommodation in Canada

Authentik Canada offers its clients choice accommodations in a range of Canadian cities. 

Most inns and B&Bs offer free parking, while hotel policies may vary considerably depending on location. 

Each hotel has its own rules and services, depending on the type of parking facilities available. Hotel parking may be indoors or outdoors, with or without valet service, with single drop-off and pick-up or unlimited in-and-out privileges.

In some cases parking will be free of charge, while in others you will have to pay. After all, a square metre is worth more in Vancouver or Montreal than in Lake Louise or Gaspésie!

You can expect to pay an average of $25 to $35 per day for parking when staying in hotels.

Valet tipping: If you choose to use the services of a valet (who will park you car and transport your luggage to your room), the custom in Canada is to tip the valet $1 per piece of luggage. However, tipping is at the client's discretion.