What is the price of gas in Canada?

How much is gas in Canada?When planning a road trip in Canada, you need to have a fuel budget. 

Pay attention to fluctuating gas prices. Find a balance between comfort and consumption to save on your fuel budget.

Gas generally costs about half as much in Canada as in Europe, and 25-50% more than in the USA.


Calculate your GAS budget

1- Visit the Natural Resources Canada website, which provides the latest retail fuel prices in Canada by province. For example "124.3" means that the price is $1.24/litre.

2- Calculate your total distance using the indications in the itinerary description or our Eastern Canada and Western Canada distance tables.

3- Find your rental car's fuel consumption on its technical specifications sheet. Cars generally consume between 9 and 14 litres per 100 kilometres.

Sample calculation

You have determined that your Canada road trip is 2,000 kilometres long. You are renting a sub-compact with a fuel consumption of 9 litres/100 km, and the current price of gas in Quebec is $1.24.

Calculate how many litres of gas you will need: 2000 km x 9 litres / 100 km = 180 litres

Calculate how much it will cost: 180 litres x $1.24 = $223.20 of gas.


Important Notes

Note that vehicle fuel consumption is evaluated by the manufacturer. In reality, cars often consume two to three litres more than the amount indicated.

In addition, we recommend fuelling up early in the week, because prices tend to be higher from Thursday to Sunday.