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How should I calculate my food budget in Canada ?

Food budget for CanadaHere is an idea of the average price of a restaurant meal:

  • Breakfast = $7 to $25 (average $10)
  • Lunch = $9 to $25 (average $14)
  • Dinner = $12 to $50 (average $20)

* Prices include taxes and tip.


Daily food budget

Your daily food budget according to travel profile, if you eat all of your meals in restaurants:

  • Budget = $28 / day / person
  • Moderate = $44 / day / person
  • Luxury = $100 / day / person


How can you save?

The sample budgets above are based on all meals being eaten in restaurants.

Naturally, you can make substantial savings if you buy a few meals at the grocery store or local market.

That way, you can enjoy a quiet breakfast in your hotel room or a charming picnic lunch or dinner in a scenic location. 




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