Trout fishing


Duration: 1 day
Time: The exact day and time will be confirmed once you reach Triton 
Season: May 10 to September 4
Location: Seigneurie du Triton outfitter

Outfitters are ideal holiday retreats for hunting and fishing enthusiasts.

Tickle the trout from your boat in the middle of a lake surrounded by forest. In addition to showing off your fishing skills, you can admire the beauty of your surroundings and of Seigneurie du Triton outfitter, which has been a much sought-after destination for more than 110 years.

Covering 45 km2 and with more than 12 lakes to choose from, Triton Outfitter is a unique location for trout fishing.

If you like a challenge, here is another reason to tickle the trout at Triton Outfitter: if you land a fish weighing over 2 pounds, your name will be added to the outfitter's "over 2-pound" club! More than 100 2-pound brook trout are caught every year.


2022/05/14 to 2022/09/25 $510 $583 $657 $731 $657 $731 $804 $804 $950
2023/05/13 to 2023/09/24 $525 $601 $677 $752 $677 $752 $828 $828 $979

* The price includes: motorboat, gas, guide, complete equipment, fishing license, cleaning and smoking of fish, lures, bait and all applicable taxes.
* Youth aged 16 and over can be alone in the boat and take part in the activity without their parents. 
* Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult, who is not obliged to take part in or pay for the fishing activity.
* Reduced rate available for children 13 and under.


Lac Edouard, Lac Edouard, (QC)