What is the fuel consumption of an RV?

Average gas mileage of an RVFuel consumption can vary significantly from one RV model to another.

The consumption of each model is indicated on its technical specifications sheet on Authentik Canada's RV rental search engine.

On average, an RV consumes between 12 and 30 litres per 100 kilometres. Naturally, the larger the vehicle, the higher the fuel consumption.



If the price of gas is $1.30 per litre and you drive 2,000 kilometres during your trip, your fuel budget will be as follows (depending on fuel consumption):

  • Consumption of 15 L / 100 km: 15 L x (2,000 km / 100 km) x $1.30 = $390
  • Consumption of 20 L / 100 km: 20 L x (2,000 km / 100 km) x $1.30 = $520
  • Consumption of 25 L / 100 km: 25 L x (2,000 km / 100 km) x $1.30 = $650
  • Consumption of 30 L / 100 km: 30 L x (2,000 km / 100 km) x $1.30 = $780

Note: The fuel consumption indicated in the technical specifications sheets is that of the manufacturer and represents the lowest consumption calculated under ideal conditions (highway driving at optimum speed, no wind, etc.). Always add 3 to 5 litres per 100 kilometres when calculating your fuel budget to compensate for actual (non-ideal) driving conditions.



It is possible to rent a diesel RV in Canada but they have a limited availability.

While it is true that a diesel vehicle will cost less in gas, the rental price is always higher. You will not really save money, but you will produce less pollution.