How do I choose my road trip?

Our local Authentik travel agents have put together an array of itineraries that provide an optimal Canadian travel experience depending on the length of the trip, region, means of transportation, and even the composition of the group (family, couple, etc.).

1- The first thing to do to find the road trip of your dreams is to click on the “Road trips” tab at the top of our website.

As you move your mouse over the “Road trips” tab, two sub-menus appear:

  • Western Canada
  • Eastern Canada

By clicking on one or the other of these sub-menus, you will be directed to the road trips that take place in that category.

You can also click on “Road trips” without selecting a region. You will then be directed to a complete list of all road trips, regardless of region.

Read our article Eastern or Western Canada: how to choose? if you need more information before making your choice.

2- When you click on the “Road trips” tab, you will be shown a list of road trips put together by our local Authentik experts.

You will notice a set of filters at the top of the page. They are there to help you refine your search, if you wish.

You can filter by length of trip, by region and by type of trip (RV, family, honeymoon, etc.). Once you have selected your filters, click on “Search” to apply the filters to the road trip list.

Each road trip on the list provides certain information.

First, every road trip has a unique title.

Next, the photo turns into a map of the itinerary when you move the mouse over it. You can see an enlarged version of this map by clicking on “See map”.

In the right-hand section of each road trip, 3 icons provide more information about the road trip:

1- The region where the road trip takes place
2- The type of road trip (RV, family, honeymoon, etc.)
3- The length of the road trip in days

You will then see the price of the road trip. The price shown is the base price. At this stage, it is impossible to calculate the exact price of your trip without knowing the departure date, the number of travellers and their ages. We show the lowest possible price, often in low season and based on 2 adults who share the same room. The base price never includes vehicle rental, flights or any optional activities.

Finally, the “See the Itinerary” button will take you to the detailed road trip page. In addition to a detailed itinerary, this page lets you calculate the actual price and start to customize your trip.


My custom road trip

The option “My custom road trip” is included right at the bottom of the list of road trips.

This feature allows you to build your own road trip, entirely from scratch.

Note that it is easier to change an existing road trip that resembles the itinerary you are interested in. But if you don't find anything close, we invite you to use this feature, which is intended for travellers with a certain knowledge and experience of the destination.



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