Extra charges and options with your car rental

While all of our car rentals include full basic insurance, the agent at the rental counter will probably offer you additional coverage and options when you pick up your car. 

This is entirely normal, as it is part of a rental agent's job! However, you will need to be on your guard and do your homework ahead of time, as agents can be quite insistent. They receive a commission on each option they sell to clients.

You are not required to take any of the options offered to you. They generally involve a per-day fee.

Here are some examples of the more frequently offered options:

  • Additional insurance coverage: roadside assistance, personal property (luggage) protection and personal insurance.
  • Rental options: child's car seat, GPS (if not included with your rental), upgrade (to a larger/premium vehicle).
  • You may end up incurring other, less explicit, extra charges. The most common of these is for early pick-up or late drop-off. The rental agent reserves the right to charge you for an extra hour if you pick up your car early and/or bring it back late. If you are more than one hour early/late, you may be charged a full day's rental.


3 tips for a positive rental experience

1- Before you leave, check whether your travel insurance or credit card insurance provides the extra protection that you will be offered over the counter.

2- If you own a child's car seat, don't hesitate to bring it with you. Most airlines will let you check a car seat with your luggage free of charge. This will save you money and avoid potential installation issues with an unfamiliar car seat.

3- Respect the pick-up and drop-off times. Verify your flight details and make sure that your pick-up and drop-off schedule is realistic. If necessary, you can change your times up until 72 working hours before pick-up, at no extra charge.