ArriveCan : everything you need to know

Planning a trip to Canada in 2021?

In April 2020, the Canadian government launched ArriveCan, a digital tool that allows travelers to submit their information regarding their arrival in Canada and their quarantine plan directly on the mobile app or online.

Along with the health measures in place, the application allows all information to be processed quickly and transmitted to the relevant provincial authorities, which is essential for travel during a pandemic.

In addition, it allows faster border crossing and limits contact.

Who is required to use ArriveCan?

ArriveCan form
All travellers entering Canada must use ArriveCan

Since the order of November 21, 2020, all air travelers destined for Canada must submit their electronic information through the ArriveCan application before boarding their flight.

Travelers crossing land or sea borders must also provide this information.

ArriveCan is therefore essential to any travel to Canada in times of COVID-19.

The information to be transmitted includes:

  • A Self-Assessment of symptoms of COVID-19
  • The reason for your travel
  • Your need for a COVID-19 negative test prior to your travel
  • A quarantine plan to follow on arrival - including your 3-night hotel reservation if you're an air traveller
  • Your personal contact details and a list of resource persons

Travelers wishing to enter Canada will then need to be able to provide their ArriveCan receipt to border officials.


The following persons are exempt from providing their information via ArriveCan:



Penalties for those who fail to comply with the rule range from a verbal warning to a fine of $ 1,000.

The declarations provided using ArrivalCan alone are not sufficient to guarantee you access to Canadian territory. You still need to apply for an eTA or VISA, when necessary, depending on your country of origin.


ArriveCan : how does it work?

How to use ArriveCan
How does ArriveCan work?

Before your travel :

First you need to download the mobile app and create your file.

You can access your file up to 90 days before your departure on the app and up to 14 days on the online version.

Applicants who cannot submit their documents using their mobile phone can do so from any type of electronic device, such as a computer or tablet, here.

Once your file is created, enter your information.

:fleche: emoji Your personal information :

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail adress
  • Phone number
  • Information on other travelers accompanying you

:fleche: emoji Your travel information :

  • Your arrival date
  • Your port of entry or your flight number, arrival airport and airline used
  • The purpose of your trip (Unfortunately, your road trip in Canada alone is not a valid reason for travel these days. ::(: emoji )

:fleche: emoji Your self-assessment of health :

  • Symptoms of COVID-19 that you may have
  • Your proof of a negative COVID-19 test in the 3 days prior to your travel

:fleche: emoji Your quarantine plan :

  • Attestation of having a place to do your quarantine
  • The address of your place of quarantine or isolation - or your trip reference code for your 3-night reservation at a government-authorized hotel (for air travellers only, unless exempt)
  • A declaration as to the presence of vulnerable people at your quarantine location
  • The type of environment: group living, single-family home, etc.
  • The deliveries you expect to receive during your quarantine
Good to know :
If your quarantine plan is not adequate or you do not have the financial means to allow yourself a safe quarantine, you will be forced to self-isolate at a designated quarantine facility

When your information has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation receipt. Your receipt will include a 6-character code that proves the transmission of your information.

Keep it, as you will need to show it to border officials.

Your use of ArriveCan also allows you faster entry, via the app-only user lanes at Calgary (YYC), Vancouver (YVR), Montréal-Trudeau (YUL) airports and Terminals 1 and 3 of Toronto Pearson (YYZ).

arrivecan utilisation
You must keep using ArriveCan during your quarantine

Once you are in Canada :

Once in Canada, you will need to keep the application on your device.

You must also, within the first 48 hours of entering Canada, confirm that you have arrived at your address declared for quarantine.

You will then have to complete a daily self-assessment of your symptoms related to COVID-19, from the application itself, until the end of your isolation period or, if applicable, until the onset symptoms.

Calculation of your 14-day quarantine :crayon: emoji

Day 1 of your quarantine begins the day you arrive in Canada, even if you arrive in the evening.

For example, if you arrive in Canada on Thursday at 10 pm, it is still your day 1. Your first authorized outing will therefore be on Thursday, two weeks later.

If you were to come into contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, or show symptoms, your 14 days will start again on that date.

That is, if you were on your day 5 and you are experiencing symptoms, or someone you are quarantined with tests positive, you start the calculation again on day 1.


ArriveCan will not use your location using your smartphone's GPS to track you.

Only your information provided will be received and analyzed. Your personal information is therefore protected.


ArriveCan step-by-step video by land and air


And that's it for the use of the ArriveCan digital tool.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

Karolane Lessard

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Karolane Lessard July 30, 2021, 17h15
Hi Helen,
Proofs of vaccination include receipts, cards, or confirmations, as long as the vaccine received and the date is visible.
Note that if you have received a vaccine that requires two doses and they are both documented on one card only, it is important to upload your image (or PDF file) of the card twice : one time for "dose 1" and one time for "dose 2".
I hope this helps ! :)
Helen July 30, 2021, 18h28
Thank you!
Helen July 30, 2021, 11h36
Anyone know what is considered "proof of vaccination"? Live in US, vaccinated here, but all I have is the CDC card with the dates hand printed by facility where I got my two shots. Is that enough?
Matthew July 29, 2021, 16h27
Hi, my partner is a Canadian citizen and I am a British citizen and we are flying to Canada on Saturday. I am able to go with her as her common law partner. Are we best to both have seperate arriveCan applications? As our reasons for visiting will be different as hers is as a citizen and mine is 'family unification' a we are visiting her family. Just worried that using 1 barcode will cause issues as we will be going through seperate border controls as I am not Canadian. Please help! Thank you
Karolane Lessard July 30, 2021, 17h09
Hi Matthew,
There hasn't been any fuss with this kind of situation so far with people using the same declaration, as long as you are arriving on the same flight. If you are worried, I would advise on using a declaration each, as travelling during these times is stressful enough on its own. :)
I hope you two have a safe flight to Canada and a great time visiting together !
Laurie July 27, 2021, 00h16
Does each member of the family need to download and use their own ArriveCAN app? (Family of 4 traveling together, 1 is a minor) Also, is this an updated version. I see no mention of instructions for double vaccinated Travellers?
Karolane Lessard July 27, 2021, 17h11
Hi Laurie,
If you are all travelling together, you can all use the same ArriveCan form. You simply have to click "add a traveller" when prompted.
This article dates back to the month of May, the new version of the app will require your proof of vaccination in either English or French. If you have been vaccinated with a vaccine that requires two shots, you will require proof for the two doses.
Chris July 26, 2021, 11h25
I have created an arrivcan a/c at some stage i was asked to scan my passport which i did . I submitted my info but then had to re-enter my contact number and resubmit but wasnt asked to scan my passport again … is that right? Do you think they retained that info? I dont mind but am worried ive done it wrong … sorry to bleat on i’m old
Karolane Lessard July 26, 2021, 14h36
Hi Chris,
I am unsure if the system can retain your passport information. Did you receive your ArriveCan receipt ? This receipt is shown when your have completed your declaration, and it has a summary of your travel (border crossing and date of arrival), a list of traveller(s) and a 6-digit confirmation code.
If you did receive it, then you shouldn't have to worry, they only generate when they have all your information.
If it worries you too much, you can always call the ArriveCan helpline and inquire about it. In North America, you can call them toll-free at 1-833-283-7403. From anywhere else in the world : (your country code to call Canada) followed by 613-954-8485.
I hope this helps!