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Helicopter tour + mountaintop picnic


735, boulevard Monseigneur-de-Laval (route 138), Baie-St-Paul, (QC) - See map


Duration: 25-minute flight (the total time depends on you!)
Schedule: 9:30 a.m. to nightfall
Departing from: Baie-Saint-Paul 

Survol en hélico et goûter au sommet - CharlevoixDiscover the stunning landscapes of the famous Charlevoix region... from the air!

Your helicopter will set you atop one of the most impressive peaks in the area, where you can enjoy a picnic of delicious Charlevoix food, surrounded by wide open sky. 

Bring your hiking gear along to make your excursion even more rewarding.

Take the time to enjoy every moment! The total duration of your activity depends how long you want to spend enjoying your mountaintop picnic.

The helicopter will pick you up for a thrilling return flight and a smooth landing.


Season Adult 0 to 2 yrs old
Apr 01, 2019 to Oct 31, 2019 $528 $0